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Husband: Ernest Herbert FRISTON-0408  
Birth:                   abt Sep 1869 Rattlesden, Suffolk
Death:                   abt Mar 1936 Wayland, Norfolk
                                      Wayland 4b 342
Baptism:                   3 Apr 1874
Marriage:                    abt 1903 Minnie GODDARD

Father: Henry FRISTON Mother: Dianna MAIDWELL
Wife: Minnie GODDARD-0412  
Birth:                       abt 1875 Norfolk
Marriage:                    abt 1903 Ernest Herbert FRISTON
Death:                       abt 1963

M  Alfred Ernest FRESTON-0413  
Birth:                   abt Dec 1903 Wayland, Norfolk
                                      Wayland  4b 243

F  Muriel FRESTON-0414  
Birth:                   abt Mar 1905 Breckles, Norfolk
                                      Wayland 4b 240

F  Dorothy FRESTON-0415  
Birth:                   abt Mar 1906 Breckles, Norfolk
                                      Wayland 4b 241

M  Gerald FRESTON-0416  
Birth:                   abt Jun 1907 Wayland, Norfolk
                                      Wayland  4b 241

F  Gladys Minnie FRESTON-0417  
Birth:                   abt Mar 1909 Breckles, Norfolk
                                       Wayland 4b 222
Death:                       abt 1992 Ipswich Hospital

M  George FRESTON-0418  
Birth:                       abt 1913


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