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Husband: Henry FRISTON-0407  
Birth:                   abt Jun 1867 Rattlesden, Suffolk
Death:                     6 May 1940
Marriage:                abt Mar 1897 Catherine HEGLEY
                                      Hackney, London

Father: Henry FRISTON Mother: Dianna MAIDWELL
Wife: Catherine HEGLEY-0684  
Birth:                   abt Dec 1875 Hackney, London
                                      Shoreditch 1c 169
Marriage:                abt Mar 1897 Henry FRISTON
                                      Hackney, London

F  Catherine Rosa FRISTON-0685  
Birth:                   abt Sep 1897 Hackney, London

M  Henry Earnest FRISTON-0686  
Birth:                   abt Dec 1898 Hackney, London
                                      Hackney 1b 573

M  John William FRISTON-0687  
Birth:                    12 Feb 1900 Hackney, London
                                      Hackney 1b 619

M  Frederick George FRISTON-0688  
Birth:                 abt 6 Aug 1901 Hackney, London
                                      Hackney 1b 465
Death:                   abt Mar 1971 Folkestone
                                      Folkestone 5f 1285
Occupation:                           Lloyds of London

F  Elsie Victoria FRISTON-0689  
Birth:                   abt Mar 1903 Hackney, London
                                      Hackney 1b 443
Marriage:                abt Dec 1923 Edward BLOOMFIELD
                                      Hackney, London
                                      Hackney  1b 927

M  Albert FRISTON-0709  
Occupation:                           Miner - Bevin Boy
Birth:                       abt 1904 Hackney, London

M  James Percy FRISTON-0690  
Birth:                   abt Sep 1905 Hackney, London
                                      Hackney 1b 409

M  Charles Walter FRISTON-0691  
Birth:                   abt Jun 1907 Hackney, London
                                      Hackney 1b m/403
Marriage:                 14 Jul 1935 Elsie May HIGGINS
                                      St James Parish Church, London


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