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Husband: William MOUSER-0265  
Birth:                    23 Mar 1783 St James South, Elham, Suffolk
Marriage:                 19 Aug 1833 Elisabeth Marie COOPER
                                      Foxhall, Suffolk

Wife: Elisabeth Marie COOPER-0266  
Marriage:                 19 Aug 1833 William MOUSER
                                      Foxhall, Suffolk

Father: John COWPER Mother: Martha SYMONDS
M  Alfred MOUSER
Birth:                       abt 1834 Brightwell, Foxhall, Suffolk

M  William MOUSER
Birth:                     2 Jan 1834 Brightwell, Foxhall, Suffolk
Death:                       abt 1838

F  Caroline Eleanor MOUSER
Birth:                       abt 1836 Nacton, Suffolk

M  William John MOUSER
Birth:                       abt 1838 Nacton, Suffolk

F  Mary Ann MOUSER-0259  
Birth:                       abt 1841 Nacton, Suffolk
Death:                     7 Dec 1922 Levington, Suffolk
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Marriage:                  1 Feb 1866 William RUFFORD
                                      Parish Church, Levington, Suffolk
                                      Woodbridge 4a 793


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