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Husband: Jonathan Charles COOPER-0565  
Birth:                       abt 1858
Death:                     4 Apr 1887 Ringshall, Suffolk
Marriage:                 20 Oct 1882 Louisa FRISTON
                                      Rattlesden, Suffolk

Wife: Louisa FRISTON-0150  
Birth:                    17 Mar 1860 Rattlesden, Suffolk
Baptism:                  25 Dec 1861 Rattlesden, Suffolk
                                      Source: Cosford Database
Census:                          1861 Hightown Green, Rattlesden, Suffolk
Census:                          1871 Wood Farm, Rattlesden, Suffolk
Marriage:                 20 Oct 1882 Jonathan Charles COOPER
                                      Rattlesden, Suffolk
Census:                          1901 Ringshall, Suffolk
                                      Companion Domestic
Marriage:                    abt 1903 Henry William THORPE
Death:                       abt 1961 Haughley Suffolk [Green Farm]

Father: William Spink FRISTON Mother: Sarah ROUSE
Other Husbands: Henry William THORPE
Birth:                     7 Aug 1887 Ringshall, Suffolk
Death:                       abt 1888 Ringshall, Suffolk
                                      Died at 15 months after a smallpox vaccination

M  William Jonathan (James) COOPER
Birth:                       abt 1884 Rattlesden, Suffolk
Death:                       abt 1979 Walnut Creek, CA, USA

M  Archibald Friston COOPER
Birth:                       abt 1885 Ringshall, Suffolk
Death:                       abt 1899


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